My ten biggest influences as a strength coach:

1. Eric Cressey– I would not be a strength coach if I never decided to randomly start reading this blog backwards.  The blog that set a confused college graduate on a successful career path.  Where power lifting meets corrective exercise for a baseball specific population.

2. Mike Boyle– A true pioneer in the field, it is an honor to say that I will be working under him as an intern this summer.  He has made his mark on the industry over the past 30 years with an impressive following of professional athletes, from the US Women’s Olympic teams in Soccer and Ice Hockey to the Boston Bruins, Boston Breakers, New England Revolution, and most recently the Boston Red Sox.

3. Mike Golden– Strength coach at UMass whose job shadow opportunity changed my mind about rehab vs. strength and conditioning.

4. Dr. John Berardi– Precision Nutrition is my go to resource for all nutrition questions.  Ryan Andrews and Brian St. Pierre are other great coaches also featured on the website.

5. Gray Cook- A physical therapist that taught me the missing link to performance: movement.  Sport-specific skill and weight room performance can all be held back by inefficiency in basic movement patterns.

6. Dr. Mike Reinold– The former athletic trainer and physical therapist of the Boston Red Sox who has helped me apply rehab concepts to the field of strength and conditioning in ways that make sense.

7. Mike Robertson- High octane corrective exercise and performance enhancement.

8. Kevin Larrabee/Anthony Renna- Two podcasts that I frequently listen to.  The FitCast is more of a general podcast while the Strength Coach Podcast takes on topics more specific to its name.

9. Richie Casella- A former teammate, current best friend and future business partner.  Our website is still under construction.

10. Judi LaBranche- My former professor at UMass who is only this far down on the list because I don’t have a blog to plug for her.  I can honestly say that I would not be as far in the field as I am without her.  She has helped me in more ways than even she knows she has.

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