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Last week to finish off a workout, I decided to take an unorthodox approach and integrated the use of a chess timer into the weight room for some added competition.  What we did was have each athlete hold two 10 lb plates, smooth side out, for as long as possible while a timer ticked down until they fatigued and dropped them.  Once the other athlete picked up their plates, the timer switched and the first person to run out the clock was declared the winner.  The video above shows times greater than 5 minutes which we actually found to be a little too long (the video is of the trial run).  We eventually shortened them to five minutes and may experiment with heavier weights and shorter times in the future.  It is important to note that the timer should be switched once the next person picks up their weight, rather than when the first person drops theirs.  This avoids delay and ensures that the game will run smoothly.