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My Stance on CrossFit

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Editorial

20140501-112909.jpgWhy does CrossFit suck? -Nick

Because everyone will be expecting me to bash CrossFit, I will start off by saying what I like about it.

  • I like the intensity
  • I like the team atmosphere
  • I like it for the general population if it can be taught by a coach who stresses quality of reps over quantity

That’s about it.  CrossFit is a good way to be good at everything and great at absolutely nothing. It is not for serious athletes.  Former elite powerlifter and founder Dave Tate does a good job summarizing this point ON A VIDEO POSTED BY CROSSFIT AT A SEMINAR AT A CROSSFIT GYM.

CrossFit is backwards history and male aerobics  Why would real strength coaches go through the trouble of using periodization if you could get the same results doing a random workout with a little bit of everything?  Don’t you think that’s already been tried by now?  It’s 2014.  Better ways of doing things exist.  CrossFit ignores basic principles of physiology.  Aerobic and Anaerobic systems are competing and trying to optimally train them both at the same time is like trying to make a snowman out of sand.  You won’t get optimal results training strength and endurance based traits at the same time, but they will still both improve which is why CrossFitters feel empowered into thinking that their system works and this cult following has sprung into existence.  Any coach can run you into the ground, it takes a real coach to understand how to manipulate volume, intensity, rest periods, training frequency and which training qualities are stressed during the time of the year to get you where you need to be come football season (or any other sport).  It takes a real coach to know how to teach correct form and show you how to use efficient motor patterns.  Doing sets of 100 cleans or kipping your pull-ups is moronic.  I saw a lot of CrossFit related overuse injuries back when I was shadowing physical therapists and athletic trainers and have heard enough anecdotal stories to know that the risk to reward ratio is a little flawed.  If the two videos below don’t swing you on the negatives of CrossFit, then feel free to go find a gym to try it out.  Just don’t do it on my watch.