Athlete Spotlight: Nick Landry

Posted: June 14, 2014 in Bishop Stang

I told the kids at Stang I would do a profile on whoever made the biggest improvement this off-season from late February testing to the early June combine.  This will obviously put a more advanced athlete at a disadvantage but I think that most of the weight room will agree that the clear winner of this spotlight is Nick Landry.  After almost deciding to lift on his own at a local gym so he could “bench more often,” I talked him out of it and told him to try my program for a week and if he didn’t like it he could do whatever he wanted.  The issue was never brought up again and he quickly bought in, showing up early to get his foam rolling in every day and staying late to hangout while he tackled his post-workout nutrition.  To speak about his work ethic, when I made him take the three days before the combine off, his first question was: “well what am I supposed to do after school then?”

Month                         February                           June

Age                               15                                      15

Weight                         162                                   175

Bench                           130                                  180

Squat                           185 (to 18″)                   265 (to 16″)

Hang Clean                    125                                   205

40-Yard Dash               DNR                                 4.8 (handtime)

Pro Agility                     4.24 (handtime)          4.27 (handtime)

Vertical Jump                22″                                    25″

I would like to congratulate everyone at Stang who worked hard on a successful combine and wish everyone the best of luck with the summer program and football season.

  1. Nick Landry says:

    Didn’t even realize I was that small when I started

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