Two Eyes, Two Ears, One Mouth: Part 2

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Mike Boyle Internship

With week 1 of my internship coming to a close, I have decided to go with a random thoughts post on random things I’ve learned thus far.

  • How to coach 100x better.
  • I probably should have used regressions more in the past rather than cueing things athlete’s probably don’t know how to do in the first place.
  • I was starting to hit a point where I thought that glute activation was gimmicky and an over application of physical therapy into the wrong field.  I never stopped doing them, but I was questioning it.  Never again, I just needed to learn how to do it right.
  • PRI is cool.  In one sentence or less, organs are not distributed evenly in the body and it causes most of the population to sink into their right hip when standing.
  • “Don’t look at a pro athlete like its the first fish at the aquarium.”  In my defense, I was looking at how many plates were on the sled he was pulling and I had no idea who I was looking at.  Luckily, this went out to every intern and I wasn’t alone.
  • Pallof is pronounced pal-off.
  • Coconut oil is useful because it retains its nutritional value at higher temperatures.
  • Powerlifting will not keep you in shape.  OK, I knew this one but I did find out that athleticism comes back pretty quickly and lifting like an athlete feels a lot better on the body.
  • Irish people are literally petrified of the sun.
  • Sled pulls are awesome and if you’re on turf you can load them up pretty heavy and boost the ego a little bit.
  • Slideboards are the worst combination of fun and awful.
  • Not enough people know about Precision Nutrition.
  • How to mop.  Apparently I never learned how to do this well along the way and I’ve been exposed.
  • Even with the amount we did at Stang, I probably still underestimated importance of movement training and developing non-weight room qualities.
  • Turkish Get-Ups are hard to learn to do correctly and I fear will be even tougher to coach.  We shall find out next week.

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